Help Labour win and keep the Tories out

Campaigning: is one of the most important things any Labour Party member can do. Most campaigns happen at a local level and members can get involved in any number of ways. You may only be able to deliver a few leaflets in your street or you may want to be a full time volunteer.

Financial support: Even if you haven’t got time to join the Labour Party to get involved in local campaigns, your membership fee provides vital money to help the Party win elections and keep the Tories out.

Take part in choosing Labour’s candidates for elections: Thousands of members stand for election every year whether in local council elections, elections for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Greater London Authority, elections for Parliament at Westminster, the European Parliament or as a directly elected mayor. All these candidates are selected by members.

Get involved locally and make friends who share our values: One of the best things about joining the Labour Party is the opportunity to meet and spend time with like minded people. People who share your values, who have an interest in politics, who want to change the local area - and the rest of the world! Many local parties go to the pub after their meetings and take the opportunity to put the world to rights. Most organise social events throughout the year, whether they be curry nights at the local Indian Restaurant or Christmas Parties.